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What's in my handbag?

Privacy is overrated! Let's have a look at the contents of my handbag, because it's fun to be nosy on a Monday morning. The handbag itself was from Joules a couple of years ago. Here's what I keep inside:

1. This may look like a blank sheet of paper, but it's actually a piece of plain white paper painted in Calamine by Farrow & Ball. This is the colour we have recently decorated our shared-office-come-guest room in, and there are still a couple of things on my list to get for the bed, namely a quilt and a couple of gigantic cushions. Having this as reference with me at all times means that if I see something bargainous whilst I'm out and about, I can do a quick check against the swatch to see if it will work in the room.

2. Small purse containing Tetley decaf tea bags (artwork by L. S. Lowry). I tend to drink decaf most of the time but find a lot of people don't have it in their cupboards, so I carry this trusty stash and restock it regularly.

3. Cath Kidston Oyster card holder containing my Oyster card (which seldom gets used now that we've moved out of London), and my driver's license.

4. Little purse containing mini nail clippers, plasters, and spare hair bobbles. I can't stand a catchy/ripped fingernail, on either me or my children.

5. Little leather case made by my lovely friend Jo, containing a compact mirror.

6. This is part lip-balm, part lip and cheek tint. It's by Maybelline, but I bought it from Poundland and I love it.

7. Mac lipstick in Ruby Woo, which they deem to be their most universally flattering shade of red. I don't wear this much at the moment as I find that wearing lipstick is not conducive to kissing my children's heads, which I am going to make the most of doing until they start saying 'Mum, get off!'. It's a brilliant lipstick, though.

8. Queen of awesomeness tin with chewing gum in.

9. Tape measure, for measuring things I see in shops that I think clients might like/want. I jot down the measurements, snap a picture, and send it to them. That way they can give a yes or no answer and I've saved them a trip.

10. Wallet by Cath Kidston. The zip is failing on one edge, which means I'm on the scour for a new one.

11. Tiny story book of Moses in the Bullrushes to read to my 2 year old when I need to keep him occupied.

12. A balloon, for times when I unexpectedly have to keep one or several children happy in a place with little else to do. A balloon takes up hardly any space and pretty much any child loves to play the 'dont let the balloon touch the floor' game.

Not pictured: my phone, because I used it to take the picture. I have a Huawei P20 Lite, which I bought because it was a basic smartphone which takes good pictures. I am happy with it, and it cost £210 outright.

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