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Space savers: Tiered tin storage

Ok, this isn't so much a space saver as a 'storage optimiser'. Recently I got fed up with not being able to see half of what was in my tins cupboard. It meant I kept ordering more of what I already had. Sure, I could have checked what was already in the cupboard whilst doing my online shop, but when I'm cosy on the sofa with a herbal tea after a long day of parenting, I don't tend to want to get up.

Then I realised that Amazon probably had loads of potential solutions, just waiting to be found by me! And sure enough, if you search tin storage, or can storage, there are lots of options. I have this one: which comes in two widths (I have the wider one), and as far as I am concerned it is £8 well spent. No more over-ordering! No more tins falling on to the work surface and making a dent in the wood (or rolling on to my toes). There was something so satisfying about taking everything out of the cupboard, wiping it out, and repacking it properly.

Hoorah for a well-organised cupboard!

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