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Space savers: The fridge

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

To ensure I'm making the most of the available space in my fridge, I use place labels. As you can see from the pictures, I've just used masking tape and a sharpie, but you could go all-out Monica and get a label maker.

I find this system has the following advantages:

1. The kids can locate things easily when I ask them to, because the whole family knows where everything lives

2. Food doesn't get lost and forgotten at the back, and go off (or worse, grow legs and walk out)

3. Things that don't need a tall shelf space (like jars, not in view) can all be kept together, and the shelf moved up, reducing wasted 'head height'

4. On days when I'm not in the mood to make much of an effort with lunch, I can usually find something in a tupperware in the leftovers section

5. When guests come to stay, they can feel like they've helped rather than hindered.

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