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Space savers: Stacking glasses

Stacking glasses are one of many ways to save cupboard space and ensure that things don't fall out and break when you open the door. There are lots of different styles and shapes on the market, at varying price points. But if you've got more pressing things on your to-do list than researching glassware then let me make it simple for you: just drive to Ikea.

On the right you can see the taller size of POKAL

In my opinion, the Swedish giant owes its phenomenal success to the way it has fine-tuned a perfect balance between value, function and good design in its products. We have the POKAL ones (above) which come in two sizes: . The regular size is £2.75 for 6, which means you can buy 18 glasses (ample for most households) and still get change from a tenner. And of course you can take your old glasses to the charity shop to be re-loved, or, if you don't think the charity shop will be able to sell them, just put them in your recycling bin.

They are very similar to the french classic 'Duralex' glasses, but are are made from thicker glass so they don't break easily (seriously, I dropped one on the kitchen floor and it practically bounced), and they cost less.

Can you recommend any space-saving ideas you've implemented in your home?

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