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I ❤ Cuprinol

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Over the weekend we gave the garden shed a makeover. This shed was left here by the previous owners, and seemed to be pretty good quality, so we knew it was a keeper - it just needed some love. The glass had a texture to it which made it looked dated, and the wooden surround at the top was mis-matched from when my husband re-felted the roof last winter.


We ordered some new glass from Stevenage Glass (a company I would highly recommend if you are based in Herts - they will cut you any mirror or piece of glass to size, and are very reasonably priced, with free delivery locally), and opted for satin, so that the contents of the shed weren't on show. Then we went over the the dark side and covered the whole thing in Black Ash by Cuprinol Garden Shades:


Replacing the glass AFTER we'd painted it meant there was no need to use masking tape around the frame to stop the paint getting on the glass. It was simple enough to fit the glass by chiselling out the supporting batons from behind, removing the old glass putty with a stanley knife, holding the new glass in place (him) whilst we silicone-sealed around the edges (me), and then hammering the batons back in place.

We're thrilled with how it turned out. Black can actually be a really recessive colour, and now when we look out at the garden the shed seems like its retreating back to allow all the glorious autumn colours to shine out in front of it.

Cost of the glass: £75

Tin of Cuprinol Colours in Black Ash: £25ish

Total cost of makeover: £100

For the difference it makes to the look and feel of the garden, it's £100 well spent. Curpinol have an ideas section of their website: , which could be useful if you know your garden could do with a lift but you don't know where to start. Happy shedding!

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Pick Paint
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