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Life hacks: Lego

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we parents have a love/hate relationship with Lego. On the one hand, it occupies your kids for hours. On the other, it's extremely painful to tread on, seems to disperse itself to the far corners of the house, and takes ages to tidy up. But wait! I can't do anything about the first problem (maybe try wearing slippers?), but my hack for tidying up Lego in a jiffy is so simple, yet so effective. I give you, the scoop:

If there's a toy dustpan and brush amongst your kids' toys then dig it out and keep it with the Lego. If not, then I'd call it a worthwhile investment for the time it saves, and it's great at not missing the tiny clear pieces. Works really well for Duplo too. And Hamabeads.

Here's the scoop in action, featuring Mrs Lego Head:

My method for keeping Lego contained is to give my kids a tray to build their kits on. We have a few trays, mostly kitsch ones like this beauty below:

I'd wager Phil and Liz are lego fans, what with their Danish blood

When it comes to serving a meal at the table, I can just move the tray rather than having to move lots of tiny pieces, and the lip round the edge means the pieces are more likely to stay together.

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