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Couldn't live without: Bag clips

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

These little pieces of plastic bring me all kinds of happy

Happiness in your thirties, is never running out of bag clips. I use them for anything and everything. Obviously Ikea had food storage in mind when they made them:

Seeds, nuts and dried fruits, all kept fresh thanks to bag clips

I use them for all kinds of packet food: cheese in the fridge, dry goods in the cupboard:

But they are also great for dressing up. A bag clip can tighten a waistband on a tutu which is too loose, and it can also make a blanket into a cape:

A humble blanket becomes a superhero cape, modeled by our two year old

And if you live in a hard water area, where getting rid of limescale is a constant problem, then you can fill a sandwich bag with two tablespoons of Viakal and use a bag clip to fit it to the end of your taps:

I do this once a month, using the same bag on all five tap-spouts in our house. It really helps to break down the limescale that forms on the end of the spouts.

However, my personal favourite use for a bag clip, is keeping a bin-liner in place. I don't like pedal-lid bins as the lid bashes against the wall and puts little grey scratches on the paintwork. I don't like large bins as they get rammed full and then you can't get the liner out and it tears - gross. We have a small non-recyclables bin, which works for us as most of our waste goes in the recycling or food waste bin anyway. I like having it hidden in the cupboard under the sink, as it doesn't exactly make a visual contribution. Here is my very basic how-to video for using a bag clip to keep your bin-liner in place.

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