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Clean machine

Just call me Monica

Here is my cleaning caddy. Isn't she beautiful? I wish I could say I was one of those women who shunned shop-bought cleaning products and extolled the virtues of lemon juice and bicarb, but alas, we live in a seriously hard water area and we have three children. That being said, I do think most people over-buy different products for different jobs, when actually there are just a few key staples that will get the main jobs done. Let's take a closer look:

Telescopic duster: This is amazing for reaching cobwebs which are high-up. I've found the best time to do this is in the evening when the lights are on, as the bulb tends to cast shadows across the ceilings and show where the cobwebs are lurking. The duster end removes so it can go through the wash. Mine is from poundland, and I'd highly recommend picking one up next time you're there.

Venetian blind slat-duster: This is OK. It has a removable microfibre cover which you can throw in the wash, but to be honest you could just use the telescopic duster.

Floor cleaner: I use this when I mop the floor, which I have to admit is not very often. Mostly I just hoover and spot-wipe as needed.

Wood polish: We have wooden work-surfaces, and this almond oil-based product helps to feed the wood.

Microfibre cloth: I have about ten of these and I use them for everything. They bring a lovely shine to most surfaces with a bit of elbow grease.

Bathroom spray: I use this on the bath, sinks, and toilet seat.

Bleach spray: This is good for stubborn stains like curry on our pale dining room table, and is also what I turn to for getting rid of mildew.

Glass cleaner: This is from method, so it looks nice, and it certainly does what it claims to do, which is clean glass without streaks. However, I might just try using soapy water in a spray bottle after it runs out to see if i can making a saving there.

Viakal: This is the only product that cuts through the limescale residue on absolutely everything our very hard Hertfordshire water comes into contact with.

Toilet duck: I only just this under the lip of the toilet bowl, nowhere else.

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