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Case Study 1: Create a playful playroom

This is our playroom. I didn't take a picture of how it looked before, but imagine the walls are covered in a non-descript blue, and then PLASTERED WITH STICKERS. It took quite a while to get them all off. 

After that, we knew we wanted to introduce cloud shelves, and some kind of basic mountain mural. If you search pinterest for mountain playroom you can see some really fun looks that people have achieved.

We chose our colours for the mountains and sky, and used Frog tape to mask of the outline of the mountains. Frog tape is the essential part of this project. You pull it off when the paint you've applied is still wet. This feels strange but you are left with a nice clean line, every time.

Next I drew a cloud shape on to corrugated card and cut round it to make a template. I made sure it was the same width as the forward-facing bookshelves we were planning to hang.


You can see that for the two cloud shelves in this picture I have just flipped the template over so the clouds look less similar. I also made a smaller template for the non-shelf cloud, which I've used twice on the opposite wall (unseen).  

Once the main scheme is complete, it's then time to personalise the space by displaying attractive wooden toys, putting your favourite books on show, and choosing some colourful soft furnishings like this felt ball rug. The cushion cover is one I made, inspired by this design on Pinterest. Rest assured we have plenty of ugly plastic toys, we just store them in our beloved Expedit (who doesn't own this piece of furniture?!)

"My utility room used to be a dumping ground, but now, thanks to Emma's hard work, it is my domestic haven"

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